On flowers, colors, and sofas
We met Luca Nichetto at his “Co-lour” exhibition in Milan. There, we were allowed to take a look behind the scenes at the “Nichetto” brand with him.

On flowers, colors, and sofas

Luca Nichetto is a big topic of discussion right now. InteriorFashion met him at the design hot spot Spazio
Rossana Orlandi at his “Col-our” exhibition, which told the story of how his own new “Nichetto” interior label came into being.

A look behind the scenes at the “Nichetto” brand reveals a complex and very interesting design and development process that tells a story about flowers, colours, shapes, and images. Luca Nichetto took the colors for his project directly from nature. “That happened almost by chance, but it was the perfect solution, because our planet is the best designer,” says Nichetto. “What I wanted to achieve as a starting point was a system of colours that is not susceptible to the whims of fashion. If you choose colours just because they are cool, they become passé within a short time. Instead, my ambition was to create a design process whereby the furniture and the colour palette are considered not separately but rather as two integral parts of a single project.  So in the beginning, I asked myself the question: “How do I want to communicate my product in terms of images?” We live in a world that is visually driven – just think of social media – and I couldn´t leave this aspect to chance. So in a letter I asked a friend of mine, photographer Massimo Gardone, to help me out with that. The crucial point was to find a palette that would possibly last forever, as well as to think about colour combinations that would work best within that palette.“

Not only did Massimo Gardone have a solution for his friend – it was a very special one. “He brought me his Herbarium – a book basically – where for 25 years he had been collecting flowers and leaves, classified according to their provenance,” says Nichetto with a laugh. “It contained the best colour combinations you could ever imagine.” Using the Herbarium, Luca Nichetto worked with the colour experts at NCS Colour to develop the colour palette for his collection. “Because they come from nature, the colours have a universal quality that can work all over the world,” says Nichetto. “We divided them into three different categories that can always be combined together: warm, cold, and neutral. And we started to apply this palette to the materials – such as wood, fabric and marble. The result was impressive. And now it has become reality.”

Nichetto – The brand was presented to a wide audience for the first time in January at the Maison & Objet in Paris. The ten pieces of furniture in the interior design collection are the result of a collaboration between Luca Nichetto and the Portuguese producer De La Espada. The “Elysia” chair, “Stanley” sofa, “Laurel” accessory/couch table, “Dubois” bed, “Bergère Blanche” armchair, “Harold” desk, “Vivien” chair, “Marlon” table, and “Mitch” modular cabinet were inspired by the American interior architecture of the 1950s, by Scandinavian design, and by the Italian postmodern style. Each piece stands out with classical aesthetics and concealed luxury. Whether as stand-alone pieces or in combination with other furniture or as a harmonious complete collection – the furniture has a special charisma. It tells a story.

The article has been published in the InteriorFashion issue 2|2015.

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